Pilimathalawa is a suburb of the city of Kandy in Kandy DistrictSri Lanka. The town is situated 10 km away from Kandy the district capital and 104 km away from Colombo. The meaning of “Thalawa” is the flat area in Sinhalese. “Pilima” means the statues. The real name may be or not created by those. The ancient village name has now got standardised to Pilimathalawa, sometimes spelled as Pilimatalawa. This village is famous for Traditional Brassware. GadaladeniyaLankathilaka Buddhist temples and Embekka temple are important places around Pilimathalawa; it is also the home of the Theological College of Lanka.

Pilimatalawa, Pilimatalawwe, Pilimatalauwe, Pilimatalauwa, Pilimathalauwe, Pilimatalavuva & Pilima Talauwe;- References to these names should be linked or an explanatory note supplied at the beginning to say that all these names refer to the same historical family. The spellings of the name differ as the Sinhala* (Sinhala is the main language of the people in Pilimathalawa as well as Sri Lankan people) name cannot be transliterated phonetically into English accurately. Different authors have translated and spelt it to their convenience. The closest to the Sinhala is Pilimatalaawa. The family name is best transliterated phonetically into English as Pilimatalavuva. This is the spelling used by the recent author Ananda Pilimatalavuva in his two books referred to elsewhere. And this town is popular for Trance Music and Trance Musicians